Our Values


Our mission is to help Australia transition towards a sustainable future. We are committed to developing, building and operating advanced large-scale grid-connected projects that help mitigate carbon emissions and create long-term business and employment opportunities for local communities.

Our growing project portfolio stems from extending the conventional boundaries and interacting with people across society. South Energy’s approach is to encourage proactive participation, reinforce community spirit and advocate multi-purpose land use. We believe that clean, sustainable energy is the best solution for building a greener Australia.


Overcoming the many complexities towards the delivery of renewables in support of the energy transition compels our power systems to innovate and embrace novel approaches. South Energy recognises that decarbonising the energy sector involves a combination of diverse mechanisms across the technology landscape.


At South Energy, we work hard to ensure our projects fit seamlessly into the existing environment with no adverse impacts, as well as to have lasting social, economic and environmental benefits for all Australians. Responsible development forms a key part of our culture and business strategy that uphold our vision of creating a better world.


South Energy aims to establish and maintain continuing partnerships with the communities that host our projects, as we believe that community support is crucial. We respect the values and cultures of individuals and groups and believe in the power of open communication and mutual respect, both of which are important to the long term success of our projects.