South Energy is pleased to announce that the Regional Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) has approved South Energy’s plan to build a switchyard in connection with its $150 million Benger Solar Farm project in Western Australia.

Known as the Kemerton Renewable Energy Node (KEREN), the switchyard is strategically placed within the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area (KSIA) to offer power generated from the Benger Solar Farm in a micro grid setup, helping the commercial clients to save on energy costs and offset carbon emissions. Any excess green power will be exported to the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).

The 110 MW Benger Solar Farm is located within the Shire of Harvey, approximately 140 km south of Perth. Planning permit for the development was approved by JDAP in late 2019, followed by an access proposal by Western Power for connection to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) in mid-2021. The solar farm and KEREN are expected to commence construction in first half of 2023 and start operating by the end of 2024.