Are You a Landowner?

South Energy is willing to hear from landowners who are interested in selling their land for renewable energy projects, including solar farm developments. We are in the process of developing one of the most advanced solar energy project pipelines in Australia.

We highly encourage you to speak to us if you are a landowner who wishes to take part in the clean energy revolution and help us work towards a greener future for Australia.

is your land suitable?

In order for your land to be suitable for solar farming, it must be:

Min. 250 acres
(100 hectares) in size

In proximity to a high
voltage electricity grid

Cleared flat land
is desirable

Relatively free from environmental

Benefits of
Solar Farming

When you choose to transform your land into a solar farm with South Energy, you assist in promoting a safe, secure and reliable clean energy source that produces no greenhouse gas or hazardous waste.

Using your land for solar farming will also help create employment and business opportunities for local areas, promoting rural economic growth during the development, construction and operation of the solar farm.

See if your land is eligible for solar farming