We care for our communities

At South Energy, we believe sharing the rewards of renewable energy development with local communities that host our projects contributes to the future vitality and success of the regions. Our Community Initiative Program is a key component of South Energy’s development strategy that expresses our allegiance to the host localities and aspiration to contribute value over each project’s lifecycle.

This program involves an annual funding commitment from our projects to improve quality of life and well-being of local people. Opportunities that our program may contribute to include but are not limited to:

  • Social sustainability activities
  • Investment into local community projects
  • Support for local community groups or initiatives
  • Providing grants, sponsorships or scholarships

South Energy develops six principles to ensure our program creates a model that is tailored to the local context to deliver maximum positive impact and create maximum local benefit.

Appropriate Community Initiative is tailored to local circumstances, culture and needs, helping to address patterns of conflict or inequality. It makes sense and is appropriate in the local context.
Flexible The lifecycle of renewable energy developments is significant, and much can change in a community during that period of time. It is therefore important to build in flexibility for benefit sharing to evolve with community needs.
Transparent The Community Initiative strategy is transparently available to the community and provides a clear and understandable rationale for the various programs and who is eligible to participate.
Community Initiative seeks to integrate the project as a valuable community member by building links and relationships with the community.
Mutually Beneficial The approach is designed to bring mutual benefit to both local communities and the project, meaning a win-win situation.
Strategic Community Initiative Program creates a positive legacy in the local community and seeks to bring ongoing and lasting value to the local area.