About Us

About South Energy

South Energy is an emerging renewable energy developer that specialises in the delivery of utility-scale solar farm projects. Our primary focus is building a greener Australia for future generations by bringing clean energy solutions through collaborations with industry leaders and local communities. We believe that clean, sustainable energy is the best solution for mitigating the risk of climate change.

Responsible Development

At South Energy, we work hard to ensure our projects have lasting social, economic and environmental benefits on the local host community.

To ensure our projects fit seamlessly into the existing environment with no adverse impacts, we conduct in-depth consultations with local communities, the councils, relevant authorities and other stakeholders at every step of the development process.


South Energy aims to establish and maintain long-term relationships and partnerships with communities that host our projects. At South Energy, we strongly believe that community support is crucial to the success of a project.

In recognition of the importance of community support, we are working towards strengthening our local relationships through our Community Investment Program, which is extended throughout the life of our projects.

We also hope to utilise our projects to bring long-term benefits to the economic wellbeing of these communities. This will involve the creation of long-term business and employment opportunities, which we anticipate will strengthen the standard of living experienced by communities that support our projects.