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About South Energy 

South Energy is an outstanding renewable energy developer specialising in the delivery of utility-scale solar farm projects.

We are focused on building a sustainable future for all Australians using conscientious approaches through engagement and collaboration with local citizens and industry leaders to ensure long lasting social, economic and environmental benefits for our host communities.

Our growing portfolio in developing advanced large-scale grid-connected solar power facilities stems from extending the conventional boundaries and interacting with people across society. South Energy’s approach is to encourage proactive participation, reinforce community spirit and advocate multi-purpose land use. We believe that clean, sustainable energy is the best solution for mitigating the risk of climate change.

Featured Projects

South Energy is currently in the process of developing one of the greatest solar photovoltaic (PV) project pipelines in Australia. This project pipeline will supply clean energy into the national electricity grid, helping to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and moving Australia into a future of clean energy.

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